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Purpose, Vision, Dream what does it mean?

Have you ever wondered what is your purpose? Or have you side eyed those who say they can visualize things or dream about things and it came to pass? I have wandered for a long time what is my purpose. You see not that I don't know what role I play such as a daughter, sister, mother, wife, aunt, grandma, cousin, friend and the list continues. But how do I fulfill the purpose that is unique to me? We are all intricate humans that are woven with experiences that make us who we are. So the hurts, pains, joys, triumphs and more are what brings us to this place. But now what?

According to google purpose is... the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. We exist not by mistake. One book called The Truth Seekers Handbook, attempts to give a scientific explanation of such questions.

The book by Gleb Tsipursky states,

"How do you know whether something is true? How do you convince others to believe the facts? Research shows that the human mind is prone to making thinking errors - predictable mistakes that cause us to believe comfortable lies over inconvenient truths. These errors leave us vulnerable to making decisions based on false beliefs, leading to disastrous consequences for our personal lives, relationships, careers, civic and political engagement, and for our society as a whole".

Well, lets explore together some of our dreams, intentions and goals. You can join us Saturday January 22nd for a hands on Vision Board Event. How to start putting your goals on paper, audio or power point whichever you prefer. Go to What Are Your Dreams? at: for more information and to register. There are only a few slots and open to the public.

As always if you need immediate assistance call 911 for emergency physical or mental help.

Happy, prosperous and purposeful New Year!!

HHC Telehealth

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