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10 great ways to avoid house burn out!

Yes, we are all a little bored and house sick after about a few weeks or more in doors. Because of the need to avoid the spread of this virus and overwhelming our healthcare system, we are all doing our part. However, this can be a little isolating and lead to too many bad habits, such as eating up everything in sight. So, I have listed a few things to help decrease in house blues. Most you can do right at home, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

1. Show gratitude

Now is the time to reflect on your self and others. Create a list of things to be thankful for, give thanks to your higher power or universe. Try to connect with others and let them know how much they mean to you. A phone call or text goes a long way.

2. Spring Cleaning

This is a great time to go through your house and find the things that you have been meaning to give away or throw away. De-cluttering can also help to rid your mind of excess stuff. So, be it physical, emails or mental things you need to get rid of, take this downtime and get at it.

3. Garden Indoors/outdoors

Creating a garden is not an easy thing for some. I am one of those that finds this challenging. Just trying to find where to put something in my back yard gives me anxiety. However, I love playing in the dirt, it is something about getting my hands dirty that reminds me of being a kid. Children are free and welcome play. Gardening can bring joy to you as well, try it.

4. Write a letter to your younger self

So, I did not think this really mattered, but guess what you are so much wiser now than that 14-year-old younger you.. For one, you have survived good and bad years of things that you never thought you could. You may have also made some turns that you would tell him/her not go through. I just want you to know that you have a lot to offer them now. Who knows you may be able to even tell another kid on their way to adulthood.

5. Make a Monthly Meal Plan

Having a meal plan keeps us from binge eating. It also takes pressure off of our brain to have to come up with what’s for dinner today. Everyone has to eat. Not only is it healthier to cook your own meals at home it is also cost effective. Well, unless you are cooking lobster daily.

6. Make a budget

So, if you are not big on budgeting, no worries, you are not alone. The average American lives paycheck to paycheck. This is not just for those making $24,000 a year but also for those making $224,000 a year. The bigger the bag the bigger the bills. Making a needs budget, instead of a wants budget can help put priorities in place. It can also alleviate stress.

7. Read a book

Some people are speed readers and can go threw books like water. I am not one of them. I must sit down and absorb what is in the book. I sometimes place myself in the characters stead or try to be Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery. This is the perfect time to catch up on an otherwise too busy or too many other things to tend to reading fest.

8. Make your favorite playlist

They say music calms the average beast. Lots of music can help you from going stir crazy in such a closed area. So, take out your favorite oldies but goodies and/or your new tunes and create that perfect playlist just for you.

9. Take a walk

Walking can help on so many levels. It can decrease stress, increase metabolism, help you sleep better and keep your bodily functions regulated just to name a few. Remember, you are not in competition with anyone, so go at your own pace and for how long you desire. Make sure you have had a conversation with your medical provider, or make an appointment at and we can help you determine what's appropriate for you.

10. Stream your favorite movies

Daydreaming or live streaming is not bad, if not done on a regular basis. But, even if it is a relatively good movie, it can cause a lot of excess calorie retention from the lack of mobility. So, I suggest you make this a limited activity, unless maybe you are able to create an exercise regimen while watching..

Remember, this is an unpredictable time and creating some sort of structure will go a long way. HHC Telehealth is here to help you with your medical needs during this time of un-certainty and beyond. Make an appointment today

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