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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

  • Covid-19, as well as any stressful situation can make us reach for things to help cope. Taking a drink may seem harmless at the time, but can wind up spiraling out of control. For instance, taking a few drinks that lead to 4 or 5 drinks. There is a lot of danger in doing this, for instance according to Healthline, ( alcohol has complications of heart disease, cancer and liver disease to name a few. Alcoholism can also create problems such as: ulcers, diabetes complications, sexual complications, birth defects, bone loss, vision problems, increased risk of cancer, suppressed immune function, suicide and homicide are all potential dangers. So, if you decide to drink and are over the age of 21, without a previous health condition, the recommended limit for women is no more than 3 drinks per 24 hour period or 7 per week and for men no more than 4 drinks per day or 14 per week. Also, what constitutes 1 standard drink is one 12 oz beer at 5% alcohol a 5 ounce glass of table wine at 12% alcohol, and a 1.5 oz shot of hard liquor at 40% alcohol content.

  • According to the CDC drunk driving is responsible for over 28 deaths each day in the USA. To help decrease this number and if you are drinking above the aforementioned levels or if someone has recommended you decrease your consumption of alcohol or any substance, treatment can help avoid such tragedy. Making sure you stay within these guidelines can help you avoid dangerous social, physical and economical downfalls. There is help if needed. Alcoholic Anonymous, SMART recovery and Sober Recovery are a few places to seek out. We can also help at to look at screening and treatment options for any alcohol or drug addiction in a private, hassle-free and non judgmental environment. All online and secure. Here are some other organizations that may help:

What I know for sure is that if you start early, have a family history and excessively drink you can end up with a huge problem that can run havoc in your life and the lives of others. Depression and wanting to fit in are some of the reasons that people go to alcohol and other substances for help. The Covid-19 virus that is among us can create more problems due to it’s isolating effect. Get help instead of reaching for alcohol. Call a friend or loved one for support before reaching for a beer due to boredom. Go online even and find a community with shared ideas, or interest just don’t reach for a drink to solve your problem. Remember, you are not alone. We can get through this. We are here to help

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