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Breast Cancer vs COVID 19

The similarities and differences between Breast Cancer and Covid 19, are not always recognizable. We are almost a year into this pandemic of COVID 19. We are socially distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands, and avoiding crowds. At least some are. Unfortunately, COVID 19 is still amongst us. People are being diagnosed with this disease at alarming rates. Older adults down to children are being affected.

While in the pandemic, Breast cancer is still striking. It is still predicted1 out of every 8 women in their lifetime will be affected by breast cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time where those who have been affected by this disease come together in honor or support of those that have suffered with or succumbed to this deadly disease. But now throw Covid 19 on top of this and there are no large walks and Breast cancer seems to be in the background. However, please let’s not be fooled, it is still striking and with a vengeance. This is not the time to shy away from the conversation or let up on breast exams or mammograms. Actually, this is the time to be more than diligent to make sure our bodies are as healthy as possible, and if there are any unusual happenings with our bodies that we don’t neglect it due to not wanting to interact with Covid patients. Some breast cancers are advanced and aggressive, especially in younger women. Here are a few things to note;


1. Both are deadly and unpredictable. They take lives rapidly or not at all.

2. They both leave you with a pre-existing health condition.

3. Neither has a cure yet.

4. Both can leave lasting new normals.

5. Both seem to attack more severely those who are immunocompromised.

6. Both can have rapid onsets and demise.

7. Neither is easily understood, research is continuing.

How are they different.

1. There are good treatment options for Cancer. Covid treatment is still in the experimental stages.

2. There is continuing research on cancer with no real cure in sight, but somewhat improved and Covid researchers, seem to have an immunization ready for production in less than a year, which is out of the norm when it can take years for drugs of any kind to reach the market.

3. Cancer is selective in how it attacks. It will usually start in 1 part of the body and spread if not halted. The BRCA gene can travel through families throughout generations. Covid is nonselective and can and will infect every and anyone. There is no gene that is attached to covid so far, is what studies have found.

4. Cancer is an immunity glitch. Covid is a viral glitch.

5. Cancer sometimes allows you to connect with your loved ones, Covid can be isolating and cold.

There is so much more to learn about each of these illnesses. On October 31st, at noon we will discuss more, at a live, online, question & answer. Sign up here, there is limited space, or go to our website at or go to the event page You can send your questions ahead of time at This event is free, anonymous, and informative.

Find out more about breast cancer at

We are here to help and can support you while you seek a primary care provider. Make an appointment today.

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