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Coming Out Stronger!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Yes, we have made history by decreasing the spread of this unknown Coronavirus. We have stuck to many of the states orders by staying home bound. It was a tough decision to make, in order to keep from infecting our whole country. But we are stronger for it. Now, the projected time to come back into society is around May 1st for some businesses in the community, but what does that look like? Should we just come back together in celebration of all the time we have missed? Should we come out at all? The fear and uncertainty that lies in our community is palpable and understood. Here are some things that we can do now to decrease the fear and uncertainty that we face. So, let's develop a plan.

I would suggest using moderation. Whenever I as a providers decide to start a new medication on a patient, I usually use a saying that says go low and slow.  That means using the smallest effective dose with the least duration of time. This can help prevent major problems. However, we don't know what that looks like with this virus and moving too fast can be dangerous. So, being apprehensive of appearing in crowds or in the mainstream is understandable and actually safer in my opinion. It is best to see how going-out will affect us at large.

We know that when we were out prior to the stay at home orders, in such large numbers people were affected by the virus and many people succumb to it. What we do not want to do is precipitate the same type of wave that can create havoc throughout communities and further burden our healthcare system. The system that we all need for things such as broken ankles, heart attacks, strokes, childbirth and the such.

So start with small gatherings at maybe the grocery store. Social distancing is still a must. That's 6 feet from each other.  Cover your coughs with a barrier, napkin or elbow. Hand-washing is still important. Hand sanitizer or 20 seconds with soap and water. Remember to turn off faucets with a towel or anything except those clean hands. Remember not to touch your face. However, if you must touch your face wash your hands first or use a napkin as a barrier. Wearing a mask or face covering is essential at this point, not just for medical workers but everyone until there is further testing and a better treatment option.  Just because you're not showing signs of illness doesn't mean that you do not have the actual covid 19 and can be a potential spreader of the virus.  Patience is a virtue. Kindness is needed. Working together will help us to combat this virus and get back to a more normal world. Something that we all are looking forward to.

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