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Covid 19 and Mental Health/Wellness

The Covid 19 pandemic has created lots of unusual and discomforting routines for everyone. We have been told how and when to go certain places. Grocery stores have run out of essential such as toilet paper. Now we have other things that threaten our normal way of functioning. It is enough to dishearten anyone and if you are already dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder, this just creates another barrier to get over. There are some strategies that you can do to help alleviate some of the stress of Covid 19. According to The Mayo Clinic self care strategies can help you take control of stressful situations and put you in control of your body and mind.

Self Care Strategies

1. Take care of your body

Get enough rest and sleep- don't stay up late obsessing over the news or other non controllable things.

Eat well balanced meals- Now is the time to get out a great cook book or try an online recipe.

Participate in an activity daily such as yoga, walking or dancing, something to keep you active.

Avoid things such as excessive alcohol or smoking.

Avoid using drugs or things that can make your mental health worse.

Decrease screen time, television, phone or computer.

Then relax and recharge. A hot bath or shower. Sit out side and smell the fresh air or look at the sky.

2. Time to take care of your mind

Continue regular routines such as waking up and going to bed at the same time each day.

When you do watch media about the Covid 19, try to use reputable sites such as the Centers for Disease Control or CDC, or you can also google your state health department site.

Try to have a regular routine of things you want to accomplish each day. Such as cleaning your closet or making a project, anything that can distract you from negative thoughts.

Continue to focus on positive things. Family, friends or things that you will look forward to such as going to the park.

Continue to keep your moral compass in check by your moral or spiritual beliefs.

Also, setting priorities of what you want to do now and what makes sense to do later. This is not the time to make life altering decisions.

Remember you are not alone in this, actually the whole world is feeling some sort of pressure or anxiety with the pandemic. This is a time where we all are needing to be kinder to others and ourselves. If you would like to talk to someone further about uncontrolled anxiety or depression or need medication refill, we can help. Contact us at

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