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Covid Exhaustion VS Thankfulness

So many people are talking about Covid fatigue, but what about exhaustion? Yes, we are tired of staying indoors, and wearing face masks, and socially distancing. But, being separated from our families, enduring challenging elections, homeschooling, working from home, being around our loved ones constantly, and nonstop media information is just downright exhausting. We all want to stay safe mentally and physically. But, no one would have imagined the energy it takes to keep it all flowing. In a matter of seconds, one day in March we were saying things like we need to stop this virus, and now 8 months later we have not stopped it and it appears the virus is ramping up. It almost feels like we are back to where we started. An article in NPR, declared "U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams says "pandemic fatigue" is largely to blame. People are tired and aren't taking mitigation measures as seriously as before, he says."

There are some promising things in the works. Vaccines and treatments are on the horizon. But, it does not give us the green light yet. In order to win the war, we have to continue to do the things that we know keep us safe, such as social distancing, masks, hand washing, staying out of crowds, keeping our immune systems strong. These are going to be hard over the holiday season because most of us find this season to be joyous and sad. Joyous because we can spend time with loved ones that we have not seen in a while, yet sad because we are not encouraged to gather with large crowds even family we have not seen in a while. We also may have lost loved ones who we will miss during the holidays. Either way, the holidays are going to be different.

How can you create a season of Thankfulness?

1. Let your loved ones know how you feel about them:

Whether face to face, a call, text, or a card, express how grateful you are to have them in your life. Covid has taught us to not take anything or anyone for granted.

2. Put yourself first.

If you are the one who is always making family plans or coordinating things, take time out for yourself. Buy yourself something special for you, something that makes you smile. It doesn't have to be expensive, like a new book. Carve out half a day and make it a "me day.". a day all about you.

3. Be kind

Kindness is something that you can give for free to everyone. It. is also something that everyone needs, including yourself. Being kind can mean holding a door open, (with a mask on of course), putting in an extra dollar tip, or making sure you drink water instead of a soda.

4. Continue affirmations

Remember, that this too shall pass. Hopefully soon, we will be able to embrace life in ways that are a little restricted now. Keep reminding yourself that you will be back in the swing of things, in the crowds and hustle and bustle of life. You will look back and wonder did I really enjoy the downtime or did I let it just pass me by?

5. Make handmade gifts for the holidays.

People will love to get a basket of goods that was put together by you. It. shows that you are personally thinking of them. This means so much in times of isolation and change.

Whatever, you do this holiday season, remember that you are not alone, and try to connect with others in safe ways.  We are here to help at HHC Telehealth, for your holiday health needs and everything in between.  Make an appointment here  

Thank you for your time!! Happy Holidays!!

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