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Don't eat your feelings!

So we are all stressed and feeling uneasy as we deal with this pandemic and that old comfort, food, is there waiting for us. It is not talking back or denying us the pleasure.. We get to indulge in such a simple pleasure of taste and smell. But is this what we want? Do we want to give in to the temptation of eating just for the sake of eating, especially when we are not as active as normal with the current stay at home stipulations. Yes it is hard to tell whether or not this is a new stress or an old one when dealing with COVID-19. But in the end it will only create more problems and add to the overall problems we face in life. So how do we put down the fork and pick up a good book or listen to a soothing song?

Just for starters obesity can create a negative outcome in anyone needing to be hospitalized by Covid -19. A study published in the journal Lancet, showed how obese patients had increased risk of serious outcomes if needing to be ventilated by impeding diaphragm excursion, it also reflected how obesity and the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease puts you at a greater potential of negative outcomes. Another correlation was between age and weight. It showed that younger patients admitted to the hospital had a higher BMI or body mass index which is the case in obesity. This is a risk factor that we can control. But how do we take charge of what we eat in such a stressful environment. Everywhere we go there is increasing news of sickness and mortally. We need to be comforted, we have to be comforted.

Things to do to keep busy and receive comfort:

1. Listen to music- Spotify is free and can be downloaded and transferred to different devices. Here is information about this-

2. Join online help sessions to talk about your issues, not just learn about them. Creating a community of those that are also going through the same thing you are experiencing is powerful and healing- Try live question and answer that you can choose how much you want to be involved, listen only or give feedback.

3. Doing on line free classes such yoga or dance classes.

4. Learn something new or improved from some of the IVY league schools such as Yale University and yes I have taken advantage of this and loved it.

Just remember to stay active and away from the refrigerator. We are stronger together. Also, remember we are here to help if you are doing all you can and still increasing weight it may be a hormonal issue, have you had your thyroid checked lately?

Contact us at for a consult.

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