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Go RED for Women

High blood pressure is a direct risk for heart disease and stroke. It is important to know your numbers. Women are also at increased risk for heart disease. February is Go Red For Women!

According to Healthy people 2020, we have improved some in combating this disease- Heart Disease and Stroke. Adults with hypertension whose blood pressure is under control (age-adjusted, percent, 18+ years) LHI Topic: Clinical Preventive Services






Target 2020

❤️ So, although we have improved slightly, we are still no where near the targeted 61%

We at Harris Healthcare, can help you know your numbers and begin the process of getting your blood pressure under control. Cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, hypertension, coronary artery disease are all associations of heart disease.

Why is it important to know your numbers?

Prevention is key to overcoming and decreasing your risk for this deadly disease. Weight control and decrease or quit smoking will have great benefits in combating this disease. There may be things that could be preventing you from losing the weight such as hormonal imbalances. Also, stress and anxiety can play a part in elevated blood pressure. We are here to help assist you on your way to a healthy and happy life, make an appointment today.

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