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May is Mental Health/Wellness Month

First let's define mental health according to some references it is a multi-factorial element of cognitive, behavioral and emotions health or well being. It affects everyone through thinking, behaving and how we feel. So everyone has mental health, some people, just like physical health may become ill or develop a disorder or have a decline and need to attend to that part of their health. But, I want to focus on other factors that could be contributing to your mental health or well-being. Somethings that could contribute to mental decline is taking on too may task at one time and feeling a need to be perfect in those projects. Other things such as not letting go of past hurts of failures. There are so many things that can and do contribute to our mental health bad and good. But we can be helped and we should not feel hesitant for getting the help. Take for instance when a person is drowning, they began to fight, flailing there arms in need of help. They become out of control, but what they really want is help. But, no one can help them in this fighting position because they also will put themselves in danger. The help comes when, we are given insights into the problem and shown or helped to navigate out of the situation. Quick fixes are easy solutions such as medications to stop the person from facing reality, or we do things to give us temporary highs or pleasures. Some of these things just take us further into the problem. Oftentimes, it requires that we do more work than that, maybe helping others, maybe even forgiving others with no thought for(ROI)return on investment. The thought goes "hurt people, hurt people" rings true for so many cases. Other times we need medications and therapies.

So how do you know if there is indeed a need for you to look at whether their maybe a need to do a mental health check...

Some signs of needing to talk to someone:

Uncontrolled anger

Crying excessively

Seeking illicit help

Unable to sleep

Uncontrolled eating disorder- Anorexia, Obesity

Uncontrolled negative thoughts



This is not an exhaustive list. Please note that at anytime you are feeling overwhelmed or out of control is time to talk to someone, a friend, loved one, pastor and if you need to seek professional help please do so.

The same way we would not let a broken arm go without being checked is the same way we should look at our broken thoughts or mental health. We all need help and there is no shame in asking for help. Mental health is just a part of us as humans. Sometimes, we attend to some things and let others things go, but eventually that ache from our knees or back tells us to pay attention there. So does our mental health with lost sleep, or eating and drinking too much. It can all overwhelm us and create more problems. We are here to assess and help treat and/or refer you for any of your mental health needs. Call 911 for emergency care. We can help you at HHC Telehealth, make your appointment here.

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