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Men's Health Month-Let's not ignore

Men are typically thought of as strong mentally and physically. We tell our boys not to cry, suck it up if they get injured. To play sports and continue challenging endeavors. But what about their actual health. What's wrong with crying? What if you don't like sports as a man, but prefer dancing or music? Also, what's wrong with just wanting a laid back personality? Which is more important that we mold our young men into a male persona we want or a male role model that is well adjusted and caring, not just for himself, but for society at large. The other thing is that what about the limitations that are put on men, having to look a certain way? Fitting a "profile", well I say let's get rid of the stereotypes and let's focus on the true health of men and meet them right where they are. Maybe if boys where allowed to cry they would not ignore as men the pain in their arm that is the warning sign of the impending heart attack.

Risk factors of heart disease for men are:

1. Low Testosterone levels- This is often seen in the abdomen "belly fat" it can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

2. High blood pressure-From stress, increased alcohol, other drugs, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet can create this as well as genetics.

3. Erectile Dysfunction- For men in their 40's it is especially important and needs to be evaluated by a professional provider MD, NP or PA.. Arteries are arteries.

4. Stress- This can also create an environment of heart disease, according to an expert at John Hopkins "“Physical, emotional and psychological factors are all related when it comes to heart health,” says a Johns Hopkins expert. “When someone has chronic stress, depression or anxiety, they should have a basic evaluation of all of the risk factors for heart disease.” So now is the time to look at your emotions and get help.

There are other health concerns and preventive measures that men should look such as accidents from increased risks taken, such as speed or feeling invincible.. Cancers such as Prostate or even breast which men are susceptible to. So a blood test, PSA for men over 50 or with a direct family history of prostate cancer is important. Being aware of moles or other abnormalities for Skin cancer. Having a healthy bowel habit and elimination and being checked for Colorectal cancer at age 50, or sooner if warranted. Young men are subject to testicular cancer and need screening for that as well. There are other things that men can and should do. There is no one thing that men need to look at, because their health is just as important as women's. Testing is needed and screening is very important. Take your health serious and enjoy a healthy and happy body and mind. As always, we are here to help if you are unable to see your provider or do not have insurance. Visits are on-line and start at $29.99 go to

There are free seminars that can help you understand or start the process of handling your stress, go to and sign up before Saturday 6-27-2020 at 12:00 est.

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